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Take Me To Australia is an online resource that aims to; 1. Inspire and motivate people (both residing in and out of Australia) to explore extraordinary destinations that we personally recommend, and 2. Inspire and motivate people to follow their dreams of moving to Australia.

Whilst we occasionally collaborate or partner with different destinations and providers of travel or emigration services, all opinions and views expressed within the articles, are strictly our own. We may from time to time have guest authors, in which case the opinions will be that of the author.

Take Me To Australia is a registered business, ABN: 54531105047


Take Me To Australia may receive forms of sponsorship and advertising (for example; in our Useful Resources Directory). We seek to only align with companies that we feel will offer useful information and resources to our readers/community.

Affiliate links may feature in our articles if we have experienced these products or services and felt that they were worthy of recommendation. We will only ever give our honest views on any third party services or products. Articles are written with the intention of inspiring people and never to ‘sell’ to people. We do not receive commissions if you pursue these links or purchase services from these companies. Nor will it affect the rate you receive as a customer. You should contact these companies directly if you are interested in obtaining their products or services.


We are not a travel or migration agency and as such, information provided is based purely on our own experiences as individuals.

Factual information can change on a daily basis and therefor, if you are seeking formal or official advice, you should always contact the appropriate and relevant agencies, bodies, or businesses directly.

Take Me To Australia is not responsible for your experience with a business or service that we may have personally experienced or recommended. We understand that everyone’s experiences and tastes are unique.

Take Me To Australia is in no way responsible for the quality, safety, or delivery of services provided by third parties or businesses mentioned within this website.


The information, written content and images within this website are subject to Copyright laws. All rights belong to Take Me To Australia.

If you would like to share any content, please use the share buttons at the end of each article or contact us directly. Never copy and paste the information or use the information or images as your own. Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in a direct breach of Copyright laws (both Australian and International Copyright laws).

Privacy of Information

Your information (email or personal details provided), should you sign up to our newsletter or submit information via one of our online forms, will never be provided to a third party unless stated clearly at the time of collection (for example, in a competition that is run with a partner donating a prize).

Questions and Collaborations

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a collaboration or sponsorship arrangement, please contact us here.

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