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Australia is a great big country. So big that it can sometimes be as big a challenge to decide on where to visit or explore next. So, we’ve put together a list of our current top 7 bucket list destinations, to inspire your next adventure.

Don’t forget. A bucket list is not supposed to sit in a draw and gather dust. It’s purpose is to help set goals and achieve the things in life that bring you most pleasure.

Here’s our list (in no particular order)…

1. Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

It’s on the World Heritage List for a reason….An abundance of bird colonies make this Island a wildlife paradise. Snorkelling and dive sites surround the nearby coral reefs (with visibility at a spectacular average of 30 metres). Calm and protected lagoons
provide the perfect conditions for swimming and kayaking with the family. And if you’re after an adventure with views, the walking trails offer something for most levels. The Island is just 11km long x 2km wide, but seems to offer so much to do, without spoiling it’s natural charm and beauty.

Sitting out in the Tasman sea (East from Port Macquarie), you can get to the Island by air from either Sydney or Brisbane (just a two hour flight).

Photo credit: @jamesvodicka captures this stunning image from Kim’s Lookout. The contrast in turquoise waters, white lined sandy beaches, and lush green subtropical rainforests are definitely enticing us!

2. Uluru (Ayres Rock), Northern Territory

Over the years I’ve heard numerous people refer to Uluru as ‘just a giant rock in the middle of nowhere’. But none of these people had actually visited, and my curiosity has only grown. It’s become clear to me from those who have (around 250,000 people each year), that Uluru is far more than the second largest monolith (singular block of stone) in the world. It’s a magical place of huge cultural significance. Photographers and tourists are drawn to this spectacular sight. And I hope to be following in their footsteps soon.

Documented as forming over 550 million years ago, it sits in the red centre of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, and is a 450 km drive (about 4.5 hrs) from Alice Springs. You can get to the Ayers Rock Airport at Yulara from most of the major cities, and various accommodation options are available in the same region (from camping and glamping to hotels and motels). It can get extremely hot in summer though – so planning the timing of your visit is advised.

The cultural aspects of Uluru are not to be missed, and the birdwatching, bushwalking, and tours provide an array of activities to keep everyone occupied. But what we can’t wait to see, are the impressive sunrises and sunsets, whilst indulging in a fine Aussie wine or two.

Photo credit: If you’re looking for some visual inspiration of Uluru, look no further than @pure_dynamix_photography who captures the energy and spirit of this awe inspiring place so well.

3. Cape Le Grand National Park, Esperance, Western Australia

Not far from Esperance is this picture perfect national park. Its pure white beaches have been voted as the best in Australia. To add to this, you have the character of the heathlands, coastal peaks, marine wildlife, and curious Kangaroos popping over to say hello.

We’ve been in a continual state of envy watching @elisecook post photos of this surreal scenery. I think I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…


Be aware that if you are camping in the National Park, spots are not always available to book in advance. Do your research about where to stay and when. Also, be wary that some of the beaches and tracks are notoriously tricky for some vehicles. These photos are of the infamous Lucky Bay. But the beaches throughout Esperance are equally beautiful. Take me there now!

4. Thredbo, Snowy Mountains, NSW

From the beach to the snow. Something that continually amazes me about this country is the continual contrasts in landscape and
activities. Having lived in, and visited Queenstown (New Zealand) many a time, I can’t wait to experience what Australia has to offer for our family’s snow fantasies.

You can get to Thredbo by driving from Canberra (2.5 hrs), Melbourne (6.5 hrs), or Sydney (5.5 hrs). Our plan is to fly to Canberra, tie it in with a city tour, and then take the short-ish drive to the mountains.

Thredbo is an alpine village and ski resort with an array of bars, cafes and restaurants and accommodation right at the base of the mountains. It offers skiing and snowboarding trails for all ages, a ski park for the adventurous, tobogganing and kids clubs. The season runs from around early June to the end of September, and as a big lover of the atmosphere that the snow and mountains create, this has to be near the very top of our bucket list. Photo credit: @thredboresort See you next season Thredbo!

5. Tasmania (and the Bay of Fires)

Tasmania is an isolated Island that sits off the coast South of mainland Australia, almost directly opposite Melbourne. I imagine Tasmania to be yet again completely different to anything I’ve experienced so far in Australia. With an intriguing past from its Aboriginal to colonial history, it sheds an important yet heart wrenching light on the history of this country.

More than anything, Tasmania is calling my inner foodie. The number and variety of artisan producers on the Island is constantly expanding. If you’re anything like me, your mouth will be watering at the sound of craft beers, wines and gin, cheeses, and fresh seafood in abundance.

Whether you want to escape to the wilderness and explore the rivers, mountains and gorges, take in the history at Port Arthur, or sit by a nice fireplace and enjoy the many cafes and restaurants, you certainly won’t get bored. And Tasmania still offers outstanding beaches.

@stimages captures perfectly the ‘swimming pool’ clear water of the Bay of Fires, on the East Coast of Tasmania. Who wouldn’t want to dive straight in?

6. Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park, Victoria

Now I have been here before – but it was a long time ago, and I have always wanted to take the family back; to walk on the squeaky fine sands of Squeaky Beach, to witness the Emus running wild across the natural plains, and to spot those much loved wombats. Walking in the wilderness over boardwalks and trails makes for a truly tranquil experience surrounded by pristine nature.

Wilsons Prom’ is about a 3.5 hr drive from Melbourne, and makes for an ideal camping road trip. The peninsula forms the most southern part of the Australian mainland and is a must if you are travelling along the Victorian coastline.

@nkucic captures Whiskey Bay beach. “It’s meant to be the best spot at Wilsons Prom to watch the sunset ….. I wasn’t disappointed.” We agree. What a stunner!

7. Fraser Island, Queensland

It’s on the list, and by the time this is published I will hopefully have crossed it off!

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand dune and a camping and eco-tourism destination (there are also hotels and resorts for those wanting their home comforts – me included). Fraser Island is not just 120km of sand though.  From the iconic and crystal clear waters of Lake McKenzie, to its adventurous 4-wheel driving experiences, fishing, camping and wildlife galore, Fraser offers something quite spectacular for the whole family. We won’t say too much as we’ll be writing a full blog about this amazing Island over the coming month. I’ve been wanting to visit for nearly 15 years (since the first time I came to Australia) so I’m pretty excited to be finally going. We’ll be driving from Brisbane up to Hervey Bay, and staying overnight before jumping on the ferry and heading to our resort. Watch this space to see what we get/got up to!

Pictured is @moonawhyte soaking up the majestic water of Lake McKenzie. Photo taken by @keahideaboitiz Eeeeek! I can’t wait to do this!

Start That List

Perhaps you’ll want to visit some of the places mentioned above, or maybe you have a completely different bucket list. Let us know your dream destinations in Australia, or the most amazing spots you’ve already been to. Tell us in the comments section below.


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2 Responses
  1. Julia Thompson

    Hey Guys
    When I went for a 6 week trip with my family to Australia we went you quite a few places but the two the stuck out the most to me was going to visit the Fairy Penguins on Phillip Island, you can walk along the raised decks and watch the penguins walk underneath you and onto the beach.
    And if you head to the west coast of Victoria in Melbourne you have the Iconic and mesmerising Great Ocean Road, the views along the way are some of the best in the world. It’s a place where your guaranteed to find a little beach along the way which you have all to yourself.

    1. Take Me To Australia

      Hi Julia, Phillip Island does sound wonderful. We hope to get there one day soon. We also visited the Great Ocean Rd recently. You can find our blog on this site. It was such a fun trip and the changing landscape was incredible. Lovely to meet you and thanks again for reaching out.

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