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Brilliant news! You’ve obviously decided that moving or travelling to Australia is a great idea. And it is! So now it’s time to get real and take steps towards making it happen.

This post will give you a top level overview about the most common visa options, enabling you to start this critical part of the process with a better understanding.

The first and most obvious starting point is to investigate the visas for Australia that are most suited to your circumstances.

A few words of wisdom before we leap into this though…

Sometimes the visa process can seem lengthy and overly complicated for even the most straightforward of visas, but please don’t let this put you off. Trust me – it’s worth the time, effort, and determination.

Some people will find they tick the boxes for eligibility with ease. For others looking to make permanent roots in Australia, they may need to be open-minded and make some effort or short-term changes to meet eligibility requirements. I even know people who have changed career paths to gain an appropriate visa under the skilled migration program. I’m not saying you’ll need to do this, but if you want something enough you may need to be prepared to jump through a few hoops to make it happen. Again, the long term gain is absolutely worth it in my opinion.

Be open to all options at first, and then pick which one works best for you and your family. Don’t be scared of chatting to a migration agent either. We’ll be doing a post on here soon about migration agents and how to make the most of using one. Like any industry you get good and bad, but a good one will be able to guide you through the process and even suggest ways of becoming eligible if it appears you’re not at first glance.

Visa Options

There are many avenues for entering into Australia. The most frequently applied for visas for both moving and travelling to Australia are:

  • Skilled Migration Visas (for those wanting to move to Australia)
  • Family Migration Visas (for those wanting to move to Australia)
  • Study Migration Visas (for those wanting to live and study in Australia)
  • Visitor Visas (holiday visas)
  • Working Holiday Visas (for younger applicants looking for extended visa options).

The information is pretty extensive; so let’s take a quick look at the different options in brief.

Skilled Migration Visas for Australia

There are a few different options for moving to Australia on the basis of your ‘skilled occupation’. There are both sponsorship routes (where you are sponsored/nominated by an Australian employer), and points based routes (where you are assessed on the occupational skills you can provide in Australia). This link gives you more of an overview about the different options currently available:

In April 2017 the Australian Government announced the changes being made to the Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (subclass 457). In 2018 the visa will be abolished and replaced with a completely new Temporary Skilled Shortage visa, which will ‘support businesses in addressing genuine skill shortages’. You can find out more about the replacement visa and skills shortage list here:

Family Migration Visas for Australia

There are various visa options that enable close family members such as partners, fiancés, and dependent children to be reunited in Australia. There are also additional programs for other family members such as parents, orphaned relatives, carers, and aged dependent relatives. As there are so many different avenues it is worth taking a good look through the appropriate category on the following link:

Please note that on 5th May 2017, the Australian Government announced that a new temporary sponsored parent visa would be introduced during the 2017/18 Migration Program year. You can find out more information about this visa and eligibility here:

Study Migration Visas for Australia

If you want to study in Australia you will need a Student Visa (subclass 500). To be eligible for this visa you must have already ‘been accepted to study full-time in a registered course at an educational institution in Australia’, and
‘organised appropriate welfare arrangements for the duration of your intended stay in Australia if you are under 18 years of age.’ Find out about the Student Visa here:

You can also apply for certain family members to join you whilst you are studying in Australia. You can find out more here:

Holiday or Travel Visas for Australia

If you are looking to travel to Australia for a holiday the process is fairly simple, extremely quick, and you can even apply online (if you are from an eligible country). For the latest information on visitor visas for Australia you can visit the Australian Government – Department of Immigration’s website:

Working Holiday Visas for Australia

The Working Holiday Maker Program is aimed at giving younger people from eligible countries, the opportunity to have an extended holiday that can be supplemented by short-term employment. You can find out about eligibility here:

Other Visa Options

Another useful tool is the Visa Finder on the Department of Immigration’s website. It looks at your personal situation to try and guide you towards the most suitable visa options:

Don’t worry if these visa options do not look suitable at first glance. There are many other avenues to investigate. This blog post is simply to give you a good overview so that you can start to get your head around the visa possibilities. Remember; go to the official websites for all the latest information (things can change frequently). And don’t put things off for too long. It may become harder to move down under – so ‘seize the day’ as they say. You only live once and you really can shape your own future. So get started now! If you can dream it – then you can do it!

Any Questions?

Don’t forget our new Facebook Group (separate to our main Facebook page). It’s a great place to ask questions and get advice and tips from people who have already made the move, are in the process of moving, or have travelled to Australia before.

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Resources Directory Coming Soon

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Please note: Information for this blog post was sourced from the official Australian Government – Department of Immigration’s website. Information correct at time of writing. Please use links within the post to ensure you access the latest guidance on visas.


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