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Take Me To Australia

Welcome Along!

Let me quickly introduce myself. I’m Clare, Founder and Editor of Take Me To Australia (TMTA). In 2012 I left the UK with my little family. We moved to Australia and discovered an amazing new life. You can read more about that here.

Our mission at TMTA HQ is to inspire others to move or travel to this mighty country and experience the wonders it has to offer. It would be selfish not to share it right?!

Take Me To Australia has rapidly attracted a large community of like-minded people who dream about life or travel down under. But what is Take Me To Australia all about? Top of our priority list is to:

  • Inspire you to move or travel to Australia
  • Motivate you to turn those dreams into reality
  • Give you tips, advice, and resources to help make it happen
  • Showcase the most extraordinary places in Australia to visit.

How many people realise their dreams down under?

In the last year nearly 8.46 million visitors arrived in Australia. An increase of nearly 10% from the previous year. That’s a lot of visitors. Not to mention the high number of Australians who also take their holidays in the country they are blessed enough to call home.

In terms of long-stay temporary and permanent visas, around 800,000 are granted each year. Note that not all these people stay in Australia permanently, and the number does not account for those who leave Australia each year. But regardless, that is still a lot of people moving to Australia for one reason or another.

A Growing Community

Our Take Me To Australia community started life on Facebook and Instagram in May 2017. Little did we realise how quickly it would grow. We have been blown away by the number of people who are now part of this aspirational community.

We also run a Marketing and Web Design agency and we’ve never seen an online community grow so quickly. So much so, that we decided to develop a website to help provide more inspiration and practical information, so that others can achieve the Australian lifestyle or experiences they’ve been dreaming of.

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